Audience:  High School Youth

Time frame: 1 hour

The purpose of this workshop is to introduce participants to the concept of action research and to help them understand the power of information in an organizing campaign.

Also contains youth-friendly worksheets on the following:

  • Action Research Overview
  • Campaign...

This is really just a primer to introduce students to the idea of Tactical Clusters. We are developing a more formal workshop outline and will post.

List of organizations providing trainings, technical assistance, fellowships, and curriculum to support community organizing.


A. Know the use of tactics as part of a larger strategy to win a campaign

B. Understandtacticsescalation

C. Identify various kinds of tactics and considerations for when to use different kinds of tactics


Set of campaign planning tools and worksheets:

  • Campaign Planning Chart
  • Campaign Strategy Chart
  • Campaign Next Steps Chart
  • Demand Research Guide
  • Escalating Tactics Guide
  • Action Evaluation Form
  • Campaing Analysis Worksheet

Audience: Youth Members

Timeframe 2 hours


1.    To talk about the need for Food Justice for our communities’ health and environment.

2.    To be able to define a Food System and compare a global industrial system with...


  • To learn about grassroots organizing and all its elements.
  • To learn the importance of grassroots organizing and why we need to do it.
  • To learn that we all play a part in grassroots organizing towards self-determination, sustainment and empowerment

Time: 1hr 55min


Intended Audience:  High School youth chapter members or smaller chapter leadership core. 

For new or emerging High School youth chapters.

Level of difficulty:  Introductory

Curriculum (1 hour each, divided into two 30 min sessions - lunch, or afterschool):

  • To deepen...

Free curriculum on thier website as well as full manuals for sale.

Attached here are 7 workshops/activities ranging from 5 mins - 2 hours on topics such as: Food system, local food economy, distribution of world resources, etc.

The Food Project