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Colonialism, Imperialism, and Migration

Goals: Explore our experiences with colonialism, imperialism, and migration. Learn about migration as an outcome of white supremacy, and the connections that exist across race and ethnicity in the structures of colonialism and imperialism. Consider how Asian American movement building can help to dismantle colonialism and imperialism.… Read more

War at Home: The Rise of Islamo-Racism

Goals:  Understand the roots of the rise of Islamo-racism in Orientalism, war, and imperialism, in the context of race and white supremacy, and how this is constructing a specific racial identity among those perceived to be Muslim. Be able to connect today’s use of Islamo-racism to drum up white nationalism to other historical moments of xenophobia and nativism.… Read more


Goals: Share personal reflections on identity and intersectionality Understand the importance of intersectionality in our campaigns and movements Think about ways to build inclusive and expansive communities. Key concepts: identity, intersectionality *This is an excerpt from the Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit.… Read more

Making Gender and Patriarchy

Goals: Break down the gender binary Understand the difference between sex, gender, and sexual orientation Understand patriarchy and how it affects all of us Key concepts: Sex, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Gender Binary, Gender Norms, Gender Roles, Sexism, Patriarchy, Transphobia, Homophobia, Heterosexism *This is an excerpt from the Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit.… Read more

Race and Im/migration

Goals: Understand how national origin/race affect US immigration policy & immigration policy’s roots in racism & white supremacy Review different paths to the U.S. that Asian immigrants and refugees have taken since 19th century Understand how war, imperialism, and white supremacy intertwine to create exploitative migration conditions Key Concepts: 1965 Immigration Act, 1996 IIRIRA, asian migration, refugee, migration is human right *This is an exerpt from the Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit.… Read more

Real Food Challenge Fact Sheets

The Real Food Challenge leverages the power of youth and universities to create a healthy, fair and green food system. Aimed at college audience, but has lots of youth-friendly tools, resources, blogs. Toolbox contains info on: campaign materials, fact sheets, media and communications, food films, real food calculator, and more.… Read more