Goals of Organizing: An Introductory or Refresher Class

Who: Training to be used for new organizers, for members of community groups, refresher courses in community organizing, and wherever understanding community can be useful to leadership development.

Objectives: To identify six basic goals of organizing and a list of organizing skills associated with each goal.

  • Winning issues
  • Building Organizations
  • Empowering individuals
  • Changing institutions
  • Fostering democratic values
  • Overcoming Isms Used to Divide Us

(Goals of Organizing was developed as part of the multi-week community organizing schools of the Southern Empowerment Project (SEP, 1987-2007). SEP closed operations in 2007 and transferred its training resources and lesson plans to the ownership of the National Organizers Alliance. Reproduction is permitted showing credit. These resources are now released for public domain use subject to the inclusion of this source credit and this acknowledgement: National Organizers Alliance © 2007, Southern Empowerment Project © Copyright 1998.)​