People Organizing to Demand Environmental & Economic Rights

PODER is a grassroots, environmental justice organization based in San Francisco’s Mission District. PODER’s mission is to organize with Mission residents to work on local solutions to issues facing low income communities and communities of color. PODER believes that the solutions to community problems depend on the active participation of all people in decision-making processes. Improvements to our neighborhood must be made through collective social action to bring about social, economic and environmental justice.


Campaign Development

This workshop has two parts: 1) Choosing an Issue and Target and 2) Campaign Strategy. The first part elaborates on the concept of campaigns and connects the relevance of capacity and resources to succsessful campaigns.


What is the relationship between power and organizing? This workshop includes an activity that accentuates on the various types and levels of power and nurtures a discussion on the impact of community organizing on the social structure’s power spectrum.

Purpose of Organizing

The term “organizing” is often used in relation to community work, but what exactly is the function of organizing within our socio-political umbrella, and how is organizing different from advocacy and service work?

Identity and Culture

With participants meeting each other for the first time, fun exercises help break the ice. This workshop includes activities that help participants learn more about each other’s identities and cultures and strives to create a welcoming multicultural environment.…

Environmental Justice

This workshop expresses the intersectionality of environmental injustice and presents the history and root causes of environmental justice. It includes a symbolic role-play that will help youth visiualize the elements of envrionmental debates between corporations and community organizers.…