This discussion-based activity explores what it means to be an ally and asks participants to take the "Ally Pledge". It also considers the dangers involved and invites participants to take action in a way that is appropriate for them.


Using a worksheet and group work, this activity is an engaging way to have participants learn about personal and group leadership and communication styles. It borrows its framework from the Lakota Indian tribe.

This is a powerful activity that invites participants to yell gender stereotypes at participants in other gender groups. The twist is that females are yelling the stereotypes used against them at males instead of the other way around.

This activity has participants look at wages across both country borders and within nearby communities as a way to see the buying power of an hour of work. It involves not only discussion but group research and visits to local shopping venues.


I assembled this material for a Workshop held in Colorado at a Con held in early December 2011.  Some of the material is specific to Colorado topics (CIRC and SB 90).  Most of the material can be used regardless of your location.

I went into common terms, talked a little bit about GA, and related topics of Immigration to Theology and religious...

This group-based activity has participants look at gender identity within gender groups, and then present their experiences to other groups. It's intended for groups that have a high degree of comfort with one another and some gender awareness.


This training helps participants to think about their organizational work in terms of building a broader movement, using visuals and the metaphor of a bus to develop an understanding of the different components of a social movement. Updated December 2011.

A short introductory workshop that explores participants’ experience of the economic crisis and the current potential of the 99% to build a movement that directly confronts the root causes of economic injustice.

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Occupation of a space is itself a tactic. It is an action...

In this activity, participants are given anti-oppression terms on small sheets of paper and work with a partner to try to figure out the definition(s). The participants then share these definitions with the group to gain clarity about what each term means, laying the foundation for future discussions/activities.