MAking Gender & Patriarchy


  • Break down the gender binary
  • Understand the difference between sex, gender, and sexual orientation
  • Understand patriarchy and how it affects all of us

Key concepts: Sex, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Gender Binary, Gender Norms, Gender Roles, Sexism, Patriarchy, Transphobia, Homophobia, Heterosexism...



  • Share personal reflections on identity and intersectionality
  • Understand the importance of intersectionality in our campaigns and movements
  • Think about ways to build inclusive and expansive communities.

Key concepts: identity, intersectionality

War at Home: The Rise of Islamo-racism


  •  Understand the roots of the rise of Islamo-racism in Orientalism, war, and imperialism, in the context of race and white supremacy, and how this is constructing a specific racial identity among those perceived to be Muslim.
  • Be able to connect today’s use of Islamo-racism to drum up white nationalism to other historical...
Colonialism, Imperialism, and Migration


  • Explore our experiences with colonialism, imperialism, and migration.
  • Learn about migration as an outcome of white supremacy, and the connections that exist across race and ethnicity in the structures of colonialism and imperialism.
  • Consider how Asian American movement building can help to dismantle colonialism and...
The Culture of Anti-Blackness: Together We Win


  • Understand how anti-Black ideas serve to perpetuate and normalize structural racism.
  • See how anti-blackness divides us and prevents us from building power together.
  • Explore where negative ideas about Black people come from in the United States, and in our Asian countries of origin.

Key Concepts: Race...

We are perfect, whole, and complete: Making race and Blackness in America


  • Understand race was created as a strategy to build wealth and power for an elite few.
  • Understand white supremacy.
  • See how slavery and blackness affects all people in the structure of the U.S. nation-state.

Key Concepts: Race, blackness, whiteness, chattel slavery, settler colonialism, imperialism,...

Race and Working Class Struggles


  • Understand the role that race plays in defining how workers and working class people live their lives

  • Introduce Marx concept of alienation to think about why white vs. POC workers have different perceived interests

  • Understand how white supremacy operates to divide and conquer workers

Race and Im/Migration


  • Understand how national origin/race affect US immigration policy & immigration policy’s roots in racism & white supremacy

  • Review different paths to the U.S. that Asian immigrants and refugees have taken since 19th century

  • Understand how war, imperialism, and white supremacy intertwine to...

Gender and Sexuality


  • Understand the difference between sexual identity and gender expression
  • Learn about the impact of heterosexism and homophobia in our communities
  • Explore how we can fight for queer justice in Asian American communities

Key Concepts: LGBTQQI, gender expression, gender identity, heterosexism...

For Black Lives


  • Understand how stereotypes and beliefs about Black people maintain a culture of anti-blackness.

  • Reflect on how anti-blackness divides us and prevents us from building power together.

  • Lay the groundwork for effective allyship with Black communities that acknowledges privileges and shared...