Media In Action

Curriculum covers: Community Mapping The Power of Interviewing Framing and Messaging Montage 1+1=3 Cinematography 101 Oppression and Liberation Power Media Advancing Movements Favorite… Read more

Letters to the Editor

The Center for Media Justice is a dynamic communications strategy and media policy tank for grassroots organizations serving communities of color and America’s poor. Check out their toolbox: Favorite… Read more

Power and Oppression

Goals: Understand how power and systems of oppression affect us, and why they exist. Understand how our personal experiences are connected to systems of oppression. Expand our knowledge of how organizing can be used to fight against oppression. Key concepts: Power, oppression, 3 I’s (institutional, interpersonal, internalized) *This is an excerpt from the Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit.… Read more

Model Minority Myth

Goals: Learn about the model minority myth and its origins in immigration policies, capitalism, and anti-black racism. Reflect on how the model minority myth hurts Asian communities and other communities of color. Identify ways that we can take ownership of this myth and take action against the anti-black logic of model minority politics.… Read more

Roots of Race

Goals: Learn about the different types of racism, and how racism affects our communities and everyday lives. Deepen our analysis of how institutional racism affects communities of color. Key Concepts: Racism – Institutional, Interpersonal, Internalized, Microaggressions *This is an excerpt from the Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit.… Read more

White Supremacy

Goals: Understand the history of white supremacy and its role in the construction of the U.S. Discuss our experiences with white supremacy, race and racism. Reflect on how white supremacy plays out today through the prison system, standards of beauty, and the model minority myth.… Read more

For Black Lives

Goals: Understand how stereotypes and beliefs about Black people maintain a culture of anti-blackness. Reflect on how anti-blackness divides us and prevents us from building power together. Lay the groundwork for effective allyship with Black communities that acknowledges privileges and shared oppressions Key Concepts: Slavery, Antiblackness, Implicit bias *This is an excerpt from the Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit.… Read more

Gender and Sexuality

Goals: Understand the difference between sexual identity and gender expression Learn about the impact of heterosexism and homophobia in our communities Explore how we can fight for queer justice in Asian American communities Key Concepts: LGBTQQI, gender expression, gender identity, heterosexism, homophobia *This is an excerpt from the Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit.… Read more

Race & Working Class Struggles

Goals: Understand the role that race plays in defining how workers and working class people live their lives Introduce Marx concept of alienation to think about why white vs. POC workers have different perceived interests Understand how white supremacy operates to divide and conquer workers Key Concepts: Alienation, White as a racial category.… Read more

Making Race and Blackness in America

Goals: Understand race was created as a strategy to build wealth and power for an elite few. Understand white supremacy. See how slavery and blackness affects all people in the structure of the U.S. nation-state. Key Concepts: Race, blackness, whiteness, chattel slavery, settler colonialism, imperialism, capitalism, white supremacy.… Read more